Spintribe is the collab of two experienced electronic engineers Igor and Andrew. Both of them have many years of experience and work in other musical projects since the early 2000s. Project developers have positioned their creativity as a mixture of progressive house lysergic lounge and permanently engrave the sound, turning hypnotic sound landscapes around the pulsating bass.

When forming the concept of Spintribe, Andrew and Igor are aiming to create music that would be experimental and intuitive at the same time. They have always wanted to bring in their music everything what lacked in dance music abundance in the early 2000s, but then it all disappeared in the race for design and loudness.

Spintribe, according to the creators, is an attempt to fill the musical void. The uniqueness of Spintribe's music lies in its universality, deep content, their own signature sound and its  aesthetics. Spintribe gives the listener the opportunity to choose an emotional reaction from dance inside themselves to desire to reside in this state with someone else.

English labels JOOF and Mistique, being the cradle of underground, for a long time remained faithful to his musical traditions, had their recognizable sound and continued to produce progressive with a certain stylistic nuance. In the process of working on the first release in 2013 year Andrew and Igor had no doubt where to be released. Under the auspices of JOOF and Mistique was released several successful mini albums and remixes that have received public support of such iconic representatives of the electronic scene like Paul Oakenfold, Marcus Shultz, Solarstone, John Fleming, Michael & Levan, Stiven Rivic, Airwave.

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By 2016 the music personality came to the fore, the sound of the project became more recognizable, and technical and informative level of tracks rised. Against the background of quality changes in sound, Andrew and Igor begin to cooperate with the Serbian Tesseract studio supported by Nikola Kozic Zyce, mixing the main progressive label’s content with the new works up to 2018. 

In the last years Spintribe music has been transformed into the modern progtech style. Currently there are several releases on BASSIC Records and Digital Diamonds.

What the listener thinks :)

"Once you heard SPINTRIBE – you’ve heard it all.

"Dilemma. Don't know what's more interesting to do with this music: to dance to it or sit and listen to it ".

"If their music was is edible, it would be illegal”.